If This is an Emergency, Dial 911

About Us

We began Union Volunteer Emergency Service in 1972 and began operations with our first ambulance, bought by the Town of Union, in 1973. Our first call was on June 1.

As time passed, we realized we needed more advanced training and extended our training services to other ambulance squads in the area. We trained and certified emergency medical technicians, and began community cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses.

We helped establish similar volunteer squads in Vestal, Chenango, and across Broome County.

By 1975, the West Endicott Fire Department had discontinued its ambulance service in favor of UVES. At the same time, we began advanced life support services with a heart monitor donated by United Health Services. By 1976, we began service in Johnson City, too.

We’ve been operating around the clock since then, responding to more than 11,000 calls a year.

Until 1993, Union Volunteer Emergency Service survived on gifts, bequests, and fund drives. The Town of Union supplied vehicles, buildings, fuel, maintenance, and other capital expenses. We started third-party billing in 1993 to hire four paid staff members to supplement our corps of volunteers and guarantee that we would have advanced life support capabilities around the clock.

In 2002, the Town of Union established an ambulance improvement taxing district, the first time UVES received direct tax support, which goes to key capital and operational expenses.

UVES continues to grow and change. We started providing interfacility transport services in 2003, both local and long-distance.

But we always return to our roots. We’re here to serve our neighbors – you. We’ll save your life, take you to a hospital, and teach you to save a loved one. Because we’re your neighbors. And we care.