If This is an Emergency, Dial 911

Member Training

Lives depend on you. So our training officers want you to have every bit of knowledge you can use when it matters most.

The following is the minimum training required to provide patient care:

  • All UVES personnel must maintain an AHA CPR for Healthcare Providers Card.
  • Personnel who provide treatment and transport must be at least an NYS EMT- B (Emergency Medical Technician- Basic) and have completed an in-house training program before receiving “Crew Chief” status. We strive to staff each ambulance with EMT – Bs and AEMT- Ps (Paramedic)
  • Each AEMT – P also must complete an in-house training program to receive “Crew Chief” status. This ensures thorough knowledge and capability of performing medication administration, endotracheal intubations, IVs, ECG monitoring, and interpretation.

Medics operating in Broome County do so under strict medical oversight via Susquehanna Regional Medical Emergency Services but receive great autonomy.

All new members must complete a Member Training Academy before starting their field training. This provides them with the foundation of knowledge they will need before expanding their clinical expertise with patients.