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Corporate Values


As healthcare professionals, we belong to an organization focused on delivering high quality services to the Town of Union Community.  We have a genuine concern for others that guides our interactions with our patients and each other, defining our decisions, practices and services personally and professionally each and every day.


As healthcare professionals, we are sympathetic to the plight of others during their time of need.  We have a strong desire to help our community and each other in order to improve quality of life for the Town of Union Community.


The recipients of our service as healthcare professionals and as members of UVES.  The community can be defined as the Town of Union and all UVES members.  UVES members are committed to making a difference in our community.


The collaboration of all UVES members to meet our mission to the community.


The cornerstone of our business, for which we strive to exceed our members’ and customers’ expectations.


We will work as a team sharing experiences, best practices, commitments, values and innovations in our work.  We will strive to be the best, and will continuously devote ourselves to lifelong learning as professionals.  We will ensure the recipients of our service; the community; benefits from the provision of our mission.


As healthcare professionals we will be responsible for our actions, and promote an environment where honesty, integrity, motivation and enthusiasm from our members are promoted to benefit each other and the community.


As members of UVES, we are respectful of the diversity found within our community, both internally as members, and externally within the Town of Union.  We value the strengths, experiences, and perspectives of others, and we recognize our own limitations.  As members, we trust each other to carry out the mission of our organization, and in doing so value the community that we serve.


As healthcare professionals, all UVES members are inherent leaders.  Each of us possesses the ability to guide, direct and influence our patients’ decisions regarding their healthcare needs.  As leaders, we advocate at all times for our patients and ensure that high quality services are provided to the Town of Union Community.


Health care’s challenges are often quite complex; in addressing them, we will inevitably err. As we strive to improve health care to the Town of Union Community, we do so respectfully and humbly.