About Us

Why We Bill

We have volunteers that we couldn’t survive without, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any costs. Here are some of the reasons we bill:

Paid staff – We have about 40 paid staff members, mostly to assure that you have access to advance life support services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Advanced medics require extensive training, and frequently this is their career.

Equipment – We maintain 9 vehicles, each with hundreds of thousands of dollars of life-support equipment. Equipment wears out, and it needs to be replaced periodically.

Supplies and fuel – We have to buy every bandage, splint and IV bag. And ambulances need to be fueled up.

Maintenance – Vehicles, equipment all need to be kept in shape. Besides our 9 vehicles, we have three stations and more life-saving equipment than we can count. Without proper maintenance, they wear out faster.

Training – This counts both the training our medics and staff have to go through, and the free training we provide the community. We have to pay some trainers, and materials, books and equipment are an element of every training program.

Insurance – This isn’t just an employee benefit, it’s a requirement for every organization like ours. Liability insurance, vehicle insurance, building insurance – we have to pay the bill just like you do.