Schedule an Appointment 

Union Volunteer Emergency Squad uses an on-line registration program for your convenience of scheduling an appointment for a seat inspection and/or installation. To register for a session, please visit http://unionems.enrollware.com/registration/schedule.aspx and select the Child Car Seat Installation/Inspection.

There are no charges for this service provided by UVES.

You may also contact Sharon Gumaer at 607-754-3414 ext. 223 to schedule your appointment.


On the Day of Your Appointment

Allow 45 minutes for your appointment  and arrive 10—15 minutes early to allow completion of paperwork.

Arrive in the vehicle that the restraint system will be installed in.

The child who will be using the restraint system must be present for the installation (with exception for expecting caregivers).

The parent or legal guardian of the child must be present.

If available, restraint system manual and vehicle manual.