You Choose How to Help

The key to any volunteer organization if flexibility. We’ll find a way to help you help us.

Think about the skills you have. We can probably use them: Driving, organization, accounting, teaching – we can use just about any skill you have. And if you don’t have the skills, we’ll train you, because we’re one of the most-productive training centers in New York.

Types of Volunteers

Active: Directly involved with patient care. Depending on your level of training, you may act as either a BLS or ALS crew chief. No EMS experience? No problem! We offer an in-house training program that will turn you into a crew member in short order.

Associate Driver: Many of our members start as drivers only, because it requires only a clean license, being over 21 and CPR certification. Not directly involved with patient care, but you still save lives. And you’d be surprised how many drivers upgrade to EMT.

Auxiliary Member: We couldn’t survive without our auxiliary. They perform much of the behind-the-scenes work: critical administrative tasks, and vehicle and station support. They’re also the driving force behind our social functions.   

Student Member (Ages 16 & 17): Student members have all the same benefits as active member, but we have to follow all state labor laws, which dictate hour restrictions during the school year.