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Car Seat Safety at UVES

Car Seat Safety at UVES

June 13, 2023 | 3:20 pm

Car Seat Installation

At UVES, we have four important reasons why you should stop by one of our sites and have your child’s car seat fitted to your vehicle. We want our roads to be as safe as they can be for you and your children. Please make sure that you are aware of car seat safety restraints laws in New York state. By using our car seat safety program, we can help ensure your family’s safety.

Professionals – UVES is lucky to have five Nationally Certified Child Passenger Seat Technicians (CPST). Their job involves installing and inspecting your child’s car seat to ensure it is properly installed and ready for the many rides ahead.

Safety – Your child’s safety is a priority, and we make sure your car seat is properly installed. Without proper installation, your child’s seat may malfunction, which may lead to seat ejection and spinal and head injuries. If your child does not meet the age, height, and weight requirements, it is against the law to have them ride in a car without a seat that is properly fitted for them.

Secure Installations – Do not take the risk and try to install a car seat without CPST help. Our professionals are more than happy to help and make sure you know that your child is safe while in the car with you.

Education – Alongside helping with installations and inspections, our CPST will also provide education to ensure that the parent or caregiver understands how to fit the child into the seat and address other general safety concerns.

At UVES, we want to be assured that you and your child are safe while driving, and we hope that by using our CPST, we can ensure your safety as well as your children’s, especially when it comes to driving on our roads. We firmly believe that using our Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) will significantly enhance your safety and that of your children. By relying on our expertise and guidance, we aim to provide you with peace of mind during every journey you take together.

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